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MedTech Talk with our Medical Director, Dr Paul Perry

Welcome to the first in our series of MedTech Talk blogs

Published by CLEO Systems on 16/05/2024

Welcome to our new blog series – MedTech Talk, where we’ll be chatting with CLEO Systems’ Board Medical Director, Dr Paul Perry, and finding out more about the direction of travel for CLEO Systems - what’s new, what’s in development and what’s really important in the digital health space.

To kick off the new series of blogs, we invited Dr Paul Perry to sit down with us to tell us a bit more about himself, to discuss his role here at CLEO Systems and his future ambitions for the company. Let’s find out more!

Paul says: ‘I've been a practicing GP for 15 years and during that time I’ve held various senior medical leadership positions within NHS Scotland and England. I've worked as the Associate Medical Director at NHS 24 in Scotland; I’ve also worked for urgent and unscheduled care services, and I’ve been involved with a number of digital health startups. I received my MBA in 2013.

I’m passionate about clinical governance and patient safety. I joined CLEO in 2023 as the Board Medical Director and also serve as an advisor at BT Group and as the Digital Clinical Director at NHS Tayside. As well as my executive roles, I still practice GP clinical work both in urgent care settings and daytime practice, which I find is really important and helps me to continue to put the patient at the centre of everything we do here.

My role here at CLEO Systems is very much centered on the clinical safety remit, ensuring clinical safety is at the heart of everything we do, combined with continuous quality improvement of our products.  I am here to oversee clinical governance and to ensure that the solutions in the CLEO range are safe and meet the regulatory standards set by NHS England.   I also play a role in the design and development of our products, and - as a trained clinical safety officer accredited by NHS England -  I feel that I have a good understanding of embedding technology into patient pathways.

I joined IC24 (CLEO System’s parent company) in March 2023 to work on a service delivery project. I very quickly came to love the organisation and the people working there. I found that their values align very closely with my own. A little while after I had started, I was then given a demo of CLEO CORE and was really impressed by its functionality and intuitive nature. From a GP's perspective, I want my IT kit to be simple and user-friendly and this is exactly what I found when I was first shown CLEO CORE. I continue to be impressed as I get to know the solutions more.

I find the ethos of CLEO and its solutions to be fantastic – they really do what it says on the tin – it’s as simple as that! The culture at CLEO is amazing, and I feel like I fit in well with my like-minded and innovative colleagues who are always looking to develop, design, and move into spaces which other companies aren't exploring.

With my expertise in the urgent care space - from national and regional levels in Scotland and England - I understand the challenges and barriers faced in urgent and unscheduled care. CLEO Systems fills a crucial gap with its solutions and also with its robust clinical governance. My role ensures that we maintain and improve upon this governance, and that our products are clinically effective solutions that help to deliver high quality patient care.

I’ve really enjoyed my time with CLEO Systems thus far and I’m looking forward to continuing to support the great work going on - I have so much faith in the solutions at CLEO Systems, that I have aspirations to take CLEO Systems global!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to develop our solutions - I believe that we are in a very unique space within the digital health sector, and the future looks very bright!’