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CLEO SOLO is a suite of standalone apps that include Electronic Prescribing and Digital Appointment Booking.

If you are looking for a stand alone electronic prescribing solution that will work alongside your current clinical or patient management system, our EPS solution provides quick prescribing while still ensuring patient safety.

Developed as a Covid-19 response to enable instant e-prescribing capability. CLEO SOLO EPS enables clinicians to prescribe right away without any systems integration and includes seamless spine integration. Intuitive to use with only a 5-minute instruction video covering everything needed for your clinician to get going.


Spine Connected independent application that can be used in a variety of settings such as; 


Community Care 
Out of Hours 
NHS 111 
Clinical Assessment Service 
Urgent Treatment Centre 
Emergency Department 


and many other prescribing environments.
To get a snap shot of our EPS solution, take a few moments to watch our video or download our CLEO SOLO EPS brochure