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David Brown our Managing Director looks back at 2022

It has been an incredible year, the team have achieved so much in such a short time

Published by CLEO Systems on 21/12/2022

CLEO Systems has had a really exciting year, what have you been up to?

It has been an incredible year, the team have achieved so much in such a short time and has been fantastic to welcome new members to the team, launch a new product, have successful pilots and exhibit at HETT 2022 and Digital Rewired – to name but a few!

Could you tell us about your latest innovations to support your interoperability partners and those in the NHS?

We work with lots of stakeholders in order to integrate solutions. This year, we’ve worked with Babble Sesui to bring benefits to our NHS customers in the form of telephony and video consultation functionality and most notably, completed the introduction of the CLEO SOLO EPS extending community prescribing into new care settings (Mental Health, Community and Secondary Care).

What about your other successful deployments in 2022?

It’s been a really busy and successful year for us at CLEO Systems!  We’ve rolled out CLEO CORE to wider urgent care settings and we’ve also worked with Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) and NHS Digital to implement our CLEO SOLO EPS electronic prescription service, which proved to be a successful first-of-type outpatient secondary care pilot.  

What is the secret to CLEO’s success and how do you work so well with the NHS and your partners?

We take pride in being an ambitious innovative team working with our customers and the wider NHS community on digital solutions that improve the working experience as well as create opportunities for change.  The clinicians, operational teams and the patients themselves are at the forefront of our consideration and we are always looking at ways to improve existing processes, so that they are as efficient, integrated and as clinically safe as possible. We are very lucky to be part of a wider social enterprise, IC24, so we are able to benefit from our in-house clinicians and operational teams who aid us in optimising our solutions for the benefit of our users and patients.

What’s changed recently about the way you are working and the NHS landscape?
Quite a lot has changed for us, we are now working with the new ICSs and ICBs. We are also broadening our scope in terms of the range of healthcare settings we work in. From urgent treatment centres to health trusts and NHS trusts.  They are all in need of interoperable and clinical support for patient management and prescribing, and this is where CLEO Systems come in: as our solutions have been designed in collaboration with clinical experts to improve clinical safety and operational efficiency and enhancing patient outcomes.  


Why did you develop and launch CLEO SOLO EPS

We developed our electronic prescription system CLEO SOLO EPS to meet the challenges faced by clinicians and patients in outpatient secondary care settings. The solution gives clinicians instant prescribing capability and – although developed during the Covid pandemic to support virtual consultations – this is carrying on apace, as the benefits to both clinicians and patients become ever more evident. These include a reduction in the potential for prescribing errors, which benefits the patient, as well as environmental benefits – cutting down travel time and costs for patients.